The Plan

I spent the morning helping out a fellow photographer Gordon Trice upgrade some of his storage. We took an existing LaCie 4Big with a set of 1TB drives and swapped them for a set of Hitachi HGST 4TB drives.  I also chose to set the drive to RAID 5 instead of the default RAID 0. This gives a bit extra security if one drive fails, we can swap it out for a new one and not have any down time or loss of data. This security does come at the cost of a total of 75% of the total storage space and a tiny drop in speed but since we’re not using this drive for video editing, the speed is not noticeable. This drive is going to be used as one part of a massive still photo archive.

The Problem

One issue I ran across is that the RAID mode selector switch did not want to move. In the LaCie manual, on the pages outlining the setup process there is no mention of the special tool that is needed to press the recessed buttons. Maybe in a different section it does say that the tool is required but not on the pages I was reading. If you don’t have the tool a paper clip should do the job as well. The buttons protrude like you are supposed to simply press win your finger. However the true button is recessed into the nub and nearly invisible. For the first few minutes I thought that the button was stuck. Luckily the LaCie tool was just sitting on the desk nearby.

Raid mode selector switch

We are up. running and copying the archive data back and will be ready to start building a Lightroom Catalog in the next day or two. Having a solid and secure 12TB of storage is a wonderful thing.