Camera Settings

Canon 5D MkII

EF85mm f/1.2L II USM

1/8000 sec

f / 1.6

ISO 200

Senior pictures can become fairly repetitive, so I took this opportunity to just play and experiment. The subject wanted a lighter feeling stylized photo that was far away from the stereotypical “leaning on or hugging a tree.”

I wanted to get the most shallow DoF portrait I could. The only light was the haze covered sun with a white 2’x5′ oval white reflector to camera right. I am especially happy with how the rocks just behind her fade out of focus.

I was familiar with the area I wanted to shoot at from driving by on a Denver Auto Enthusiasts meetup. It’s a rocky stream bed near the road on the south side of Guanella pass. It was pretty chilly and a fairly stiff breeze that we had to wait for brief lulls so that her hair wasn’t going crazy.

For post production I also tried a new-to-me method of frequency separation for the skin although it didn’t require much since it’s not a close up of the face. I also used a post retouching filter from Alien Skin’s Exposure 7.